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Jason Emory

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About the Project

The Jason Emory Project is something I originally started to promote abstract, non-conforming musical Ideas. Music is an emotional connection; at least it always has been for me. This connection to multiple emotions, depending on the composition, has always peaked my interest. One song to enlighten your good mood and another to make you realize what’s important in your life are two examples. When something in a song makes you remember fun times with friends can make you feel good or when you know a tune was put together so well, it makes you feel love and reminds you to appreciate what and who is around. These tunes that I have been working on for years are very dear to me and there is a story behind each one. The Jason Emory Project is and always will be one of my proudest accomplishments. I hope you enjoy.

About Jason Emory

My name is Jason Emory. I was born in Michigan in 1982, but I have lived in Trenton, Georgia since the age of 7. I have always enjoyed listening to multiple genres of music and I originally fell in love with the idea of composing music at the age of 12. When I was in middle school I joined the school band and began with percussion instruments playing concerts and marching band until I graduated high school in 2001. My Father plays the guitar so I have always been interested in learning how to play the guitar, but never really took the time until I was 25. My guitar style was heavily influenced by the band DAYS OF THE NEW and I fell in love with that sound immediately, and the fact that it was all acoustic guitar struck a creative drive in me. The first tune I wrote is called Inspire and I named it such because after finishing it, I was inspired to keep going.

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  • Middle School and High School Drum instructor
  • Snare drummer for Chattanooga Pipe Band
  • Composer, producer, recording engineer and artist
  • I was contacted by a production company from LA wanting to use my tunes for movie and tv soundtracks. Which I hope can happen one day

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